But oh, the cake. It was a gorgeous work of art by Julie Durkee at Torino Baking. Best of all, it tasted luscious. With a different flavor for each of the three tiers, some guests couldn't resist getting seconds or thirds. Others, even those that until that day were strangers to each other, shared their pieces so they could taste every flavor.
~ Danielle and Mike's wedding,
quote taken from "The Wedding March" by Danielle Lang, in Bay Area Living of Age Newspapers.
We just wanted to say thanks for making an absolutely perfect wedding cake for us on New Years Eve. When we saw the cake it was even better than we expected. I've gotten countless compliments from our guests who thought it was the best wedding cake they'd ever seen. And it really was exactly right for the event. On top of all that, it tasted amazing, which we knew it would. Julie, you were so great to work with- Gerald and I are recommending you to all our friends! Thanks so much!
~ Leslie and Gerald
Thank you for creating a cake for us that was more spectacular than we ever could have imagined. You are amazing. Many oohs and aahs at the wedding- everyone wanted to know about the artist. I wish I'd had your business cards.
~ Caitlin and Chris
Cadaques, Costa Brava
Of course the many bakeries of Paris bring our thoughts to our fabulous wedding cake. You truly outdid yourself. We were so pleased with the beauty, creativity, and taste of our cake. Why can't they last forever?!! Please lets keep in touch so that we may once again enjoy!!!
~ From Paris . . .Paul and Gretchen
Thank you for doing such a beautiful job on our wedding cake. We kind of like this edible art idea! I appreciate all of your help in the design and decision making process. My mom and I particularly enjoyed the tasting part. You were a joy to work with and certainly have tremendous talent as a baker and an artist.
~ All our best, Traci and David
We wanted to send you our thanks for helping us make our wedding very special and lovely. The cake was so beautiful and exactly what Amy wanted. What really surprised me was how delicious it was. My mother (and now I) come from a long line of bakers and we tend to be picky- I usually don't even eat cakes at weddings because I think of them as dry and not very tasty. I've learned my lesson- I'll at least try with the hopes of finding one as good as yours.

Thank you so much for all you efforts- it was a great success, as we heard from many of our the guests.

~ Mary Kay